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Dear Opportunity Seeker,

First, congratulations on finding my site. I need to congratulate you because everyone seems to be doing it now adays. But let me be serious... You deserve to be congratulated because you are about to uncover the most crazy easy way to make thousands of pounds with my simple yet easy to use software!

I know why you are here. You are sitting at home searching the internet looking for a way to make money. I, too, was much this way only three short years ago. I would scour the internet reading website after website promising me big bucks if I drop shipped products, filled out surveys, or cohereased people into signing up for a pyrmid scheme.

We both know what happened here! Nothing made me even ONE pretty red penny! In fact, after jumping about and nearly maxing my £3000 credit card, I was about to give up on making money on the internet.

"I began to believe I could not find anything that would work for me"

Then it hit me one day when I stumbled across a website that altered my life forever.

The website basically gave me a simple black and white strategy for betting on the online roulette wheel that made sense. It told me to bet on red, black, odd, even, or any of the 50/50 spots and double my bet every time I lost. For a while I was up over $800! However, it turns out this method ends up losing a lot of money in the long run.

It felt close, so I did further research, trying different roulette systems, all with basically the same strategies. Combined these strategies worked, but it became difficult for me to keep track of every single system while trying to remember how much and where to bet.

"My calculation sheet was 3 feet long!"

I spent the next 6 months perfecting each system so that they would contribute to the strategy as a whole, and so that they would be bullet proof to failure. Since 2003 I have been silenting pulling in
$45,000 to $55,000 a month
from the relaxing comfort of my home without anyone knowing how I was doing it.

Let me tell you, back in 2004 it became hard for me to keep the fact concealed that I was beginning to make some serious money. First my neighbors noticed the change in my car, (rusty Cavalier to shiny grey Audi,) and then a few weeks later I had a Ski-Doo Snowmobile parked up next to that. I became loud with champagne parties every other night. My family and friends thought I was pushing drugs since I never appeared to hold a regular job. What else could explain the immense wealth I was flashing?

So at this point I decided to share my secret to a select few. I told some friends about the laws of probability when it came to playing online European Roulette, and as I expected they had a difficult time grasping the concept. I would show my friends and family my roulette systems on a paper pad and pencil out each system. They were blown away with the the number and consistancy of roulette betting opportunities I would show them as I pencilled out not one, not TWO, not even THREE, but 7 different roulette systems that with small incremental bets, would make them so much money from their own home.

"While hard to follow manually it was evident that my systems DID INDEED work"

Then things began to spiral for me. I was making the money, but everyone who had seen me do this started to tell other people about my systems and the money they would make. They did not understand how to make them work for themselves, so they would call me up at all hours and beg me to explain to them how to make the systems really work.

My friends would be fake with fake smiles so they could take the free ride. They watched my on my laptop rake in thousands from online casinos and would turn green with envy.

"SHOW ME how to do it is all I would hear! I couldn't take it anymore."

I eventually moved out of my London England home to a place in Mexico and changed my name. I needed to get away.

And get away I did to a beautiful beach front property. My life was perfect until one day sitting on the beach I found a solution...

"Why not give the world my roulette system and take the human element out of the equation"

So I did just that in 2004, and that was when Roulette Raper v 1.0 was born.

SEVEN years later, Roulette Raper has proven itself time and time again and here I am to introduce a newer and better version called Roulette Raper Max v. 3.0.
Here's some things you should know

In the beginning I only created this software as an easy calculator for myself and a few of my close friends, but in a year I had loads of emails and even paypal donations in thousands from people I didn't even know.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this software is so easy to use and make money with. In two hours I net more than I do after a month of hard work. Simply gold!" - Dan Chadwick, USA

"At first I was doubtful this could work. After winning consistantly with the free trial, I could see how you could not go wrong. Great software!" - Emily Green, USA

"Insane value! Software deserves four thumbs up!" - Randy Sillick, UK

"I can not recommend your software highly enough! With 1 hour a day I have completely replaced my income. Spot on!" - Edward Murphy, Ireland

"The best product I have found online to this date" - Gordon Ramtein, USA

"On average I am netting about £2300 a week with little time spent each day. I have told everyone about you and not one has lost using this. For whatever reason you released this, god bless you" - Jen Hefren, UK

"I just wanted to let you know that I am a regular roulette player (both online and real casino.) Your software has taught me how to win big wherever I play. Roulette Raper has trained me to be a constant winner with no risk at all" - Tom Backlund, UK

"Please produce an iPad app so I can use this at Vegas casinos! It's bloody brilliant" - Lisa Cohen, UK

After the initial launch of the new Roulette Raper Max v3.0, I will be raising my price to $297, but you can download the free trial today or you can upgrade to the full version for only $37.95 for a limited time only.

Thats a saving of 87%

Let me help you with all of this.

I spend no more than 5 hours a day on Roulette Raper and I take in £275 to £295 an hour. In US Dollars that is about $435 to $480 an hour

This means in 5 hours I can make £1425 which is about $2400 US Dollars. I can then use this only 10 times to make over £14,250 or about $24,000 US Dollars!

No other product on the internet offers this, and best of all you can make this sort of money with:-

Not only can you use the new Roulette Raper Max v3.0 for free, but I know you will love the product so I can back it with a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Roulette Raper Max v3.0 is a software application that stands alone and is undetectable by the casinos. Unlike anything else out there, it has amazing new features like a fully customizable game board, single bet strategies, voice recognition capabilities, speak-to-you mode, six seam system, new and improved tool buddy, and so much more. Roulette Raper Max v3.0 calculates outside and inside betting opportunities and provides you with suggestions on where to bet to consistently win at online roulette.

All you need to do now is ask yourself, do you still need to be convinced to try something for free that can make you rich before you buy it?

I didn't think so...


You are about to get instant access to the most powerful, long-lasting roulette betting software available.

Just $37.95. Think about that price for a moment. How many times have you lost four times this much and more? We are giving you the chance to put all this behind you for an extremely low buy. Now we are also giving you all the advanced options and winning strategies we create for free in the future as well.

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To Your Future Success,
Shea Brown
AKA The Roulette Raper

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